In November 9, 2016 a course have initaited for women to achieve effective communication habits to express themselves precisely in the family as well as in society. Due to the fact that the unity of the family, tolerance in society, peaceful surrounding can only be obtained through effective communication, the group is oriented by teaching methods to avoid skirmish and violence in family life and society in general. Questionaries of Beck.STAI-2 and coummunication in family are applied for 15 women before the session. A group study for two hours is experienced through cognitive behaviour therapy methods by Göztepe Club member Prof.Dr. Benal Inceer for seven weeks. The same questionaries are applied after the course again to evaluate the difference.


Soma is a medium sized mining county of the city of Manisa, located at a distance of 97 kilometers. On May 13th, 2014 this little county was hit by a mining catastrophe whereby 301 miners lost their lives.

Göztepe Club, soon after, initiated a project financed by the donations of the Club members and in cooperation with the Turkish Union.

Contact was established with the officials of Soma Chamber of Industry Executive Committe of Women Entrepreneurs. Upon the advice of Ms. Sevil Önol, the representative of the Commmittee, communication carried out between Mr. Hakan Arslancan, President of the “Soma Zafer Sports and Youth Club” an agreement was reached to furnish and decorate two rooms in a building  allocated by the Municipality of Soma. The area was refurbished to serve as a center where women – the mothers of the young people engaged in sports as well as the other women of the neighbourhood would attend various educational courses to be initiated in cooperation with the officials of the Soma State Public Education Department.  We carry forward our responsible ownership of  this center and intend to deliver many  productive vocational education courses for the women to enable them obtain financial resources.

In March 2016, a team of women representing five Soroptimist Clubs of İzmir, paid a visit to Soma and an agreements was reached between the parties. The signature of a protocol between the related officials and the Turkish Union is expected soon.