The emblem and colors are universal to all Soroptimists and cannot be changed.

* The Soroptimist emblem was designed by a founding member of the first club in 1927.

* It is designed as a lady carrying the SOROPTIMIST band above her head with her hands up. This symbol represents Soroptimists whose heart and arms are open to all people and enlighten its surroundings.

* On either sides of the lady, there is a wreath of laurel leaves on the left and a wreath of oak leaves on the right.

* Yellow and blue are Soroptimist colors. The emblem is designed on yellow background, yellow symbolizing existence, life, intelligence, desires and spiritual development. The lines are drawn in blue, the color of trust, loyalty and wisdom. 

“We stand up for women” is the slogan of Soroptimists world wide.

Every president has a new slogan and chooses a flower as a symbol when she takes over the duty. Turkish Union’s term slogan is “Our Strength, Our Unity, Our Women, Our Future” and the symbol flower is the purple lotus (water lily).

President’s comment of the symbol flower:

“The purple lotus (water lily): Purple is a color that symbolizes women”s struggle. Lotus is a flower that can bloom amid turbid waters and survive on the surface of the water without any contamination. Just like women who can leave their environment and reach better lives with faith, courage and struggle. We hope our lotus flowers will inspire women”s struggle.”