Turkish Union initiated the “Art is in Buldan” project on October 11-13, 2019.
The aim of the project was determined as supporting the production of hand weaving looms of the region, famous for its weaving. Considering the importance of health care, emphasis on the use of cotton, silk and linen fabrics made from organic fibers in clothing was encouraged.

During the event within the scope of a festival, workshops were held in different branches of art as well as weaving. Other branches of art included marbling design, wood printing, felt and ceramic designs, artistic photography, oil painting and fabric patterning. Members from various clubs had the opportunity to exhibit their art by participating in this event. Yıldız Belger, Güneş Akyıldız and Figen Özdem from Göztepe Club contributed with their ceramic works. Club members Lale Ersin, Bergün Kardeş, Nükhet İzmiroğlu, Buket Karadeveci, Nesrin Pişkiner, Gül Gürses, Zeynep Edes, Nazlı Yolaç and Nihal Akgünlü attended the event, celebrated as an art festival, for support.

A visit to Atatürk Mausoleum (Anıtkabir) was organized by the Turkish Union on November 2, 2019. Our members Nükhet İzmiroğlu and Nazlı Yolaç went to Ankara for the day to join the Soroptimists. All the participants gathered together for the wreath-laying ceremony at Anıtkabir and after the ceremony Anıtkabir Museum was visited. After lunch, Atatürk Community Education Center where the exhibition of the products prepared in the courses was visited and shopping was done. The last visit of the day was Pembe Köşk (Pink Pavilion). İsmet İnönü”s daughter, Mrs. Özden Toker, shared her memories with the great hero İnönü and the great leader Atatürk.