In our country, marriages between the members of the same families are very widespread. As an outcome of such marriages, hereditary illnesses and physical disabilities are recorded in high numbers among the babies and children born as a result of such marriages.
Göztepe Club has supported the implementation of adult education programs aiming at raising awareness of the threat awaiting women, in order to contribute to the prevention of such marriages.
A seminar was organized on January 26, 2016 at the Adult Education Center (EGE-TEM). At the start of the session, a questionnaire prepared to evaluate the knowledge of the target group about the subject matter and also to find out what their opinion was about such marriages was distributed to be filled out by the participants. Questionnaires were than collected and evaluated by the specialists.
The same blank questionnaire was again distributed following the presentations and interactive discussions. The specialists evaluated the answers and the difference between the two questionnaires with respect to the knowledge acquired by the participants about these hereditary illnesses and also the change in their opinion about disabled children born as a result of such marriages.
The seminar was repeated on Mach 8, 2016 on the occasion of World Women’s Day, at a special location at Urla, one of the provinces of İzmir, where Soroptimists are conducting several activities. A total number of 138 women benefited from these seminars.

A picnic to Çiçekliköy is organized on May 15, 2015 in awareness of spending time in outdoor places would be a help for the therapy of the psychiatric patients living an isolated life. The spot chosen for the picnic area was a very good example of natural beauty and it was very near to İzmir. Transportation and snacks were provided by Göztepe Club. 42 patients, 6 nurses and 12 club members participated the activity.

A DAY with SCHOLARS ( Within the scope of “Scholarship” programme)
A daily trip is planned with scholars in February 2017. The aim of the excursion was to provide an opportunity to participate in an artistic event and to consist warm relations with scholars. The group gathered for lunch and after lunch an exhibition of the famous artist Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu was visited.

LEADING WOMEN’S SUMMIT in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY ( Within the scope of “Scholarship” programme)
In today’s science and technology fields, the striking truth of women workforce being the small part is obvious. Considering this fact, Leading Women in Science and Technology summit is held in Boğaziçi University on February 18, 2017. The leader women were there to look through a woman’s eyes and to encourage young minds, planning a carrier in those fields, to take one more step further. During the event successful woman from various companies and fields, took the stage and presented her vantage point. At the breaks participants socialized and talked with each other and the speakers. Göztepe Club financed one of it’s scholar’s expenses for admission and transportation.

Göztepe Club’s nominee for Soroptimist International Scholarship in February 2017, awarded with 2500.-Euro in advanced vocational training. The club member pediatrician Associate Professor Dr. Özge Yılmaz trained on breathing apparatus in three weeks practice during August and September 2017 in Italy.