SEWING – FOLKLOR ATTIRES (Within the scope of “Our House” project)

As the cost of the folklore attires on sale or rent in the relevant shops  were expensive, the mothers of the Mevlana House preferred to sew such outfits themselves. Göztepe Club members coached the mothers on how to sew shalwar based on the models and stencils obtained from professional tailors and also provided the required fabrics and other supplies. The sewing sessions were conducted once-a- week for three hours as of January 20, 2018. Outfits created for 15 children were ready-to-wear by March 30, 2018. The actual cost of the outfits were much lower than at the shops and they were registered under the assets of the Mevlana House for recurrent folklore activities. The project continued for next year as the club members  coached mothers this time for sewing bolero and head dress.

KNITTING – HAND BAGS (Within the scope of “Our House” project)

Women of the Eşrefpaşa House participated in this knitting course initiated on January 1, 2017. The objective of this activity was to enable women to acquire and implement a skilled handcraft that would provide them with the opportunity to earn an income.  Required materials were purchased by Göztepe Club and the training courses were conducted by the Club member Emine Nalbantgil, lasting for a period of three months, two days-three hours per week. 10 women participated in the course which was completed on February 28, 2018. The handbags created thus, were put on sale at our “arts and crafts exhibition and sales” activity. The money raised were paid to the women who took part in the training.

BOOK CLUB (Within the scope of “Our House” project)

14 children attended the “Book Club” sessions conducted at Eşrefpaşa House. The Project initiated on September 10, 2017 and ended on June 10, 2018. The objective of the Project was to nurture the habit and the practice of reading and to cultivate and affinity and fondness for books. The books read together were distributed to the partaking children in order to encourage them to initiate a personal library at home. Also for this purpose Göztepe Club member Associate Prof. M.D. Özge Yılmaz, the leader of the Book Club, brought books along to the meetings scheduled every Saturday and distributed the books as presents to the children. Discussions on the books read together were realized on the following Saturday(s).

Furthermore, trips were organized for the children to visit libraries at different times. During such visits children were briefed about “How to Behave in Public Libraries”. This is an ongoing project repeating in each school year.

The project with the leadership of the same member, Prof.Dr. Özge Yılmaz continued for the 2018-2019 school year with the participation of 10 children.


During 2017-2019 period as an ongoing project, fortnightly courses practiced by Göztepe Club member Prof.Dr. Benal Inceer have initaited for women to achieve effective communication habits to express themselves precisely in the family as well as in society.The group is oriented by teaching methods to avoid skirmish and violence in family life and society in general.