We met with seven scholarship recipients of our club on October 10, 2021 at Kordon Hotel. We had lunch and allowed each youngster to introduce herself with emphasis on her personal interests. All of them except one had joined the group this year and all were university students except one that attended the conservatory.

After lunch, we toured Arkas Art Center which hosted “Nature Gardens and Dreams” exhibition with a tour guide. The students had a chance to ask questions about the pictures that interested them and their era.

President Zeynep Edes accompanied the Scholarship Committee President Begüm Huntürk and the Assistant Program Director Özge Yılmaz at this event.

BREATHING TECHNIQUES for SCHOLARS                                     

We planned a gathering with our scholars at our club member Begüm Huntürk’s office on December 18, 2021. At the meeting, Breath Coach Sayra Yavaş delivered breathing techniques to our scholars. It was a workshop where she explained and applied stress relieving and meditative breathing techniques. Scholars stated that they were very pleased to be informed about this issue and that they benefited greatly.

President Zeynep Edes, members Ayşe Baykan, Begüm Huntürk and scholars Ozan Kara, Kemal Yalçın, Harun Akçaya, Damla Kızılgöz, Şerife Akgül, Ezgi Nakış, Sena Dal and Zeynep Kıymaz attended the event.


On behalf of the club, we participated in the Traditional New Year”s Bazaar organized for the benefit of students at IYTE (Izmir Institute of Technology) on December 26, 2021. Various items with low prices were provided so, support was given to the students with limited budgets. Club members Ayşe Baykan, Duygu Yurtseven, Merve Çelebi and Nazlı Yolaç volunteered to help the sales at the bazaar. Other members who could not attend the bazaar, provided items and gave financial support.


A New Year”s visit was made to Hamdi Dalan Special Education and Application Center on December, 30 2021. We were invited to the green house at the venue and were informed about the vegetables and ornamental plants produced by the students. Sales of the products are contributed to the school budget. The members of the club, Aysu Benlioğlu,  Ayşe Baykan, Buket Karadeveci, Nazlı Yolaç and Zeynep Edes were the visitors.


Within the scope of the Turkish Union’s library support project, our club has donated books to the library of Balıkesir-Gönen Öğretmenim Secondary School  as contribution for the enlightenment of youngsters. 

Our club also donated books to Güneşli Secondary School in Muğla, Seydikemer district.  Ceren Yılmazer  whom we supported within the scope of Turkish Union’s Teacher Support Workshop project is a teacher in this school.


Traditional Spring Festival was held on April 25, 2022 at Alsancak Küçük Kulüp. Handicraft group of the club started the work shops for the products months ago. Alluring products were exhibited at the event and were offered for sale. The women of Gediz House, the target group of our “Crochet and Knitting Needle Training” project, also offered for sale the products they produced throughout the year.

Club member Gülnur Vural undertook the organization of the event, which attracted great interest and high participation. Solidarity within the club was displayed, good teamwork was done and income was obtained.


Toys and educational materials were provided and delivered to the kindergarten of Şakran Women”s Prison for the prisoner’s children in May 2022.


Ergün Canpolat, a scholar of our club and his family’s house in Doğanşehir district of Malatya was damaged in the earthquake disaster and they became homeless. Due to the fact that the Red Crescent tent given to them was unstable and soaked by water, the club decided to buy a durable tent for the family. A water-resistant tent was provided from Efes Tent Company with the contributions of our members and delivered to the venue in March 2023.