The aim of the activity is to support Yasemin Zengin, a girl from a small town named Çine of Burdur, for her achievement in sports. She is the champion of the Balkan Mountain Race of 2016. Göztepe Club members have heard her story through a TV channel and had contact with her trainer. Learning that she was going to participate the May 19 traditional race in İzmir, the Club has decided to cover both her and her trainer’s expenses for hotel accommodation as full board. She promoted her level from 9th to 7th place at the race which realized in İzmir on May 15, 2018.
Our support to Yasemin Zengin is continuing. She enrolled for the Coaching Course for 10 days in January 2019 in İzmir. The Club covered her expenses for hotel accommodation once more.
She also participated Runtalia Race in Antalya in March 3, 2019, wearing Göztepe Soroptimist Club t-shirt. She succeeded as the 5th runner in 10 kilometers race.
The Club intent to continue assistance both morally and financially and also try to provide financial support from the SI/E.

The Club donated sweat suits for Şırnak Girls Basketball Team. The donations were delivere to Şırnak.

TİRE TRIP (Within the scope of “Our House” project)
A trip is organized for the women in Eşrefpaşa House to enhance their knowledge and experience and also to improve our relations on May 8, 2018. Thinking that being away from their daily home life even for a day for those women with limited opportunities and budget, may be a change to feel happy. The target was to visit Tire, a small town in the vicinity of İzmir by bus. The first spot to tour was Tire bazaar where free time was given. The group visited the City museum after lunch and stopped at a place called Değirmen for tea time before returning to İzmir. 25 women in Eşrefpaşa House and 5 Soroptimists participated the activity. As a result, it was satisfactory getting to know each other and teaching them Soroptimizm.
The trip organized for the women in Eşrefpaşa House is re organized for the women in Mevlana, Karabağlar, Bayraklı and Buca Houses on March 5, 2019. 25 women participated the activity.

A culture tour to Sınırgı-Balıkesir is organized for Göztepe Club members to get acquainted about the area and to profit some money for the Club. Club member Associate Professor Dr. Demet Can who works in the University of Balıkesir Faculty of Medicine suggested an over night trip leading the way. 25 Soroptimists with their spouses and friends participated the trip on April 28 & 29, 2018. The first stop was Balıkesir where the Turkish Revolution Museum is visited. Local food is tasted for lunch time. An exursion to Sındırgı and Bigadiç, towns near Balıkesir is planned as the first day activity. Needle lace and local artifacts were of interest at those places. The next day other small towns and villages were visited where local items and food were purchased and were enlighted about the local carpet weaving. A short walk to Ermenek waterfall was the last activity of the day before turning back to İzmir.

BOOK CLUB’S MUSEUM TRIP (Within the scope of “Our House” project)
The aim of the activity is to enhance knowledge, experience and cultural achievement of children through museums. A trip to several museum is planned by Göztepe Club member Associate Professor Dr. Özge Yılmaz who devotedly conducts the book club in Eşrefpaşa House on April 21, 2018. Bornova Book and Paper Arts Museum, Aegean University Etnography Museum, Arkas History of Sea Museum and İzmir Archeology Museum in Culture Park were the musuems that were visited. Some information about the discipline in visiting a museum were given before the visit. President Ayşe Baykan accompanied Özge Yılmaz and the book club members for the trip. The group had lunch and a short city tour toghether. 16 students were attained.

A bazaar of hand made items prepared by Göztepe Club members is organized to profit some money for scholarship donations and as a source to use for activities, on April 16,2018. Some members contributed with their work or with financial support, some of them by organizing working sessions at their homes and by providing relevant materials required for the purpose. The preparations lasted nearly whole year. The venue to display is provided by one of the members. Tea with cookies is served during the event.
The same activity with the same purpose and organization is held at the same venue on April 29, 2019.

With the topic “I believe so I can do it” delivered by authorized Özge Alkanat, a seminar is organized for women and girls at EGE-TEM (Education Center) on March 26, 2018. The aim was to make them understand how important to have self confidence to cope with life especially if one belongs to a low income level in community and enable them to feel self confident. Posters were printed for the announcement and displayed at the conference hall of EGE-TEM. Göztepe Club members and members of other Soroptimist Clubs in İzmir were invited. Chicken with rice was served for lunch during the event. It was an example for adult education with 56 participants.

WOMEN’S DAY (Within the scope of “Our House” project)
Celebrations of Women’s Day is held at Eşrefpaşa House on March 8, 2018 for women to understand the importance of being a female and be aware of their power and enable them to feel their importance. The women from the surroundings were invited. The story of the day is presented by a power point and the importance of the day is expressed by mutual conversations. Troubles and problems of the participants are discussed. Tea is served with cookies and a cake decorated with Soroptimist logo. Small gifts were distributed in memory of the day. 30 women participated and were impressed by the event.

HOSPITALITY FOR SOMA STARS, GIRLS FOOTBALL TEAM (Within the scope of “Soma” project)
After the coal mine disaster in Soma where 300 miners have died, Göztepe Club members decided to help the women and girls at that region. Taking into account of this fact “Soma” started as a Club project and through this project we found out about the girls football team in Soma. We appreciated their efforts to over come the tough circumstances they faced. We invited them to İzmir to widen their vision and to have an idea about our activities as Soroptimists.
The football players arrived in İzmir for the weekend on December 16, 2017. We organized a game between American College school football team and Soma Stars in the morning. The winner of the game was Soma. After the match, the group visited the highlights of the city such as the Historical Lift, Konak Clock Tower, Monuments and Kemeraltı with lunch at Kızlarağası Inn. As soon as they finished lunch, they visited the ruins of Agora from Roman period and moved to the hotel to rest for some time. For the evening, the group have met at Adnan Saygun Art Center for a classical music concert of “Borusan Quarted playing for Children Peace Orchestra”.
The next day started with a visit to a museum; Zübeyde Hanım Anı Evi (a house in memory of Atatürk’s mother) in Karşıyaka. Morning’s activity was a scheduled game against Karşıyaka Besem Team. After the match they had lunch toghether with a large group of players and then to widen their knowledge, a lecture about ‘Anxiety Management’ is delivered by Göztepe Club member Prof.Dr. Benal İnceer in the afternoon. They were on their way to Soma late evening.
We believe that we helped them in many aspects as visiting a new place, learn about the history and importance of the place, get acquainted with classical music and how to deal with anxiety.

SCHOLAR AND TRAINER for SEFERİHİSAR YOUTH CAMP (Within the scope of “Scholarship” programme)
Göztepe Club financed a scholar for the Seferihisar Youth Camp held during August 21-28, 2017 which 20 Soroptimists and 39 scholars are benefited. We enabled her to be informed in different fields of studies. The Club also organized a lecture delivered by Dr. Özge Alkanat about “Choosing a Partner” for one of the sessions.

This center, established by the club member Aysu Benlioğlu’s family is chosen as pilot school for the activities of Göztepe Soroptimist Club. For an effective results, club members and parents became aquainted with each other as first step.

Disabled People Day
The Club celebrated the Disabled People Day by preparing a cake. The parents contributed by serving cookies. Club members discovered the school ground and they had a chance to meet parents again.

New Year Celebration
The club members organized a New Year parti. Educative presents were delivered for the students.

Within in the scope of ‘Powerfull Chidren Powefull Future’ project of Union of Women’s Organization (IKKB) and Government authorities, several seminars are organized on different days. Lawyer Seda Gürer delivered information on ‘Woman’s Rights and Violence’ and club member gynecologist Dr. Ümran Özer on ‘Woman Health- Hygiene’ in March 4, 2019.
Sema Övgün delivered information on ‘Empowerment of Woman and Equal O