The project was first initiated on January 28, 2014 and repeated three years in sequence.

This project aims at enabling female psychiatric patients in the Aegean University Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry to express themselves through photography to have self- confidence to lead a compatible life in society.

Göztepe Soroptimist Club through this project supports the Aegean University Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry by providing the cameras and the relevant materials required for the purpose and also the organizations for the spring exhibitions of the photographs selected.


The NGO named “Youth Culture and Environmental Protection Organization” (Yelki Gençliği Çevre Koruma ve Kültür Derneği) in Yelki, a small village near İzmir, initiated an activity. The objective of this activity was to enable women to acquire a skilled handcraft that would provide them with the opportunity to earn an income. One of our members volunteered to conduct patchwork quilt training courses in cooperation with both NGO’s. The products prepared by villagers were exhibited in Agora Mall in İzmir in January 2008. The opening ceremony was started by a cocktail and the exhibition lasted for a week. Within this period, the villagers who attended the courses were provided to meet with society and had the chance for marketing their goods. Each item that was produced was printed as Gift Cards which were sold during the exhibition.