The aim of the activity is to enhance music culture for children and be acquainted with concerts. iNCi-VAK Foundation provided the venue for the event.The children of Eşrefpaşa, Bayraklı and Mevlana Houses were taken to a concert performed by the foundation’s Children Orchestra in Adnan Saygun Culture and Art Center on April 23,2018. They were pleased thoroughly with music and celebrated the 23th of April Children Holiday waving the national flags in their hands. 60 children joined the activity.

Soroptimist Clubs of İzmir organized a conference within the violence againts women designed to raise awareness among the women and girls’ living in areas with low social levels, raise public awareness of the issue and provide psychological and legal counseling for them.
On the agenda of officially designated 25 November as the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, defense ways against violence and women and girls’ human rights were lectured.
Drama expert Ayşenur Dağyaran held a work shop socializing women. Forensic specialist Prof. Dr. Akça Toprak Ergönen’s topic was ‘Causes of Violence and Ways of Defense’. Lawyer Gülce Muroğlu Kılavuz delivered her speech on topic ‘Legal Rights Againts Violence’.
The meeting is held at Konak Culture Center on November 28,2017. 43 women benefited.

A concert in memory of Atatürk is organized by the contribution of several NGOs in İzmir. A group of amateur members formed a chorus. A member of Göztepe Club joined the chorus as a singer for the aim of improving bonds of friendship among the members of other NGOs. Rehearsals started in September 2017 where as the performance was on November 8, 2017.

Every year the board members of Turkish Union and several members from Turkish Soroptimist Clubs visit the tomb of Atatürk to pay our respect and gratitute to the great leader on his death anniversary. Three members from Göztepe Club and one of the scholar joined the Turkish Union’s activity on November 4, 2017. It was an opportunity for our scholar to see the mausoleum and the museum of Atatürk. The group had lunch toghether with all the Soroptimists attended.

The leading and pioneer women in the history of the Turkish Republic were presented in a fashion show by the outfits of the period organized by a local NGO (İzmir Tülay Aktaş Gönüllü Kuruluşlar Güçbirliği). Göztepe Club member Güneş Akyıldız represented a personality named Şerife Bacı at the fashion show. Other personalities were represented by the other members of different NGOs. The life stories mentioning the importance of their roles were narrated as the personalities appeared on stage. Rehearsals started in August 2017 where as the event staged on September 25,2017.

Five Soroptimist Clubs of İzmir contributed a donation for printing of a book with Blair Alphabet for visually disabled to be listed at the Visually Disabled Library (Türkiye Görme Özürlüler Kitaplığı-TÜRGÖK). Delivery has taken place in September 2017.

As a civil society solidarity to emphasize the freedom of women’s dressing and to protest the discrimination through dressing, a fashion show is organized in collaboration with the Union of Women’s Organization on September 21, 2017. Well-known women of the business world of İzmir wore different models of outfits besides T-shirts with ‘don’t interfere my outfit’ written on for the fashion show. A member of Göztepe Club participated the show. With several NGO members and Soroptimist supporters number of audience reached a total of 400.

Fatma Karataban, a scholar who is studying in Mechanical Engineering of Afyon Karahisar University participated the “Coaching Training” workshop organized by the Turkish Union in February 2, 2019, in İstanbul. The training continued as four sessions individually on-line and another workshop in İstanbul.
The aim of the training is to enhance awareness of what to do, where to see themselves in bussiness life through Career Coaching training.
Göztepe Soroptimist Club covered the transportation expenses of the scholar.

During 15 days many activities are arranged to emphasis the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Turkish Union prepared a monotype poster to enhance awareness of Elimination of Violence against Women. Municipality covered the printing cost of the posters in İzmir. The posters are displayed on the windows of Buca, Karabağlar, Mevlana, Eşrefpaşa Houses, Hamdi Dalan Special Education and Application Center, Barbaros and Kültür district offices, Visage company, Shell gas station and Dalan Kimya company.

As the last activity, Soroptimists wearing orange t-shirts and holding orange balloons and banners emphasizing the meaning of the activity, gathered in front of the Kültür district office in December 8, 2018. They read the press release and released the orange balloons to the sky. Other Soroptimist clubs’ members of İzmir also participated the activity.