In order to discover and strengthen the leadership potential of young women on the path to build a bright future with belief in democracy, freedoms and Republic values, “Youth and Leadership Camp” was organized by TSKF at Foça Leon Hotel between September 4-9, 2023.

To reveal female leaders of the future, 100 young talents on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, it was aimed to support young people to use their potential at the highest level with the program that blended education, art, leadership and solidarity.

Club member Gül Gürses, as TSKF Treasurer, handled the financial affairs of the organization and attended the opening ceremony with the club member Buket Karadeveci.

Different clubs of İzmir was responsible for each day during the five-day program.

Begüm Huntürk, Merve Çelebi, Lale Ersin and President Nazlı Yolaç were present on Göztepe’s responsible day. Göztepe Club members Benal İnceer, Lale Ersin and Nazlı Yolaç, plus Foça Notary and retired Judge Sevil Tosun Karataş as a volunteer contributed to the Career Day, where professional knowledge and career experiences were shared.

Club member Benal İnceer as an academic psychologist; Lale Ersin, about working with foreign employers; Nazlı Yolaç, about public and freelance lawyers, working as a civil servant/employer or in her own business; Foça Notary and retired Judge Sevil Tosun Karataş, about notary and judge experiences.

Benal İnceer, Lale Ersin and Nazlı Yolaç, who were in charge of the Career Day event were supported with the participation of Gül Gürses, Güneş Akyıldız and Buket Karadeveci at the closing ceremony.

Buket Karadeveci ensured the transportation without any problems of 100 young girls, each of whom attended the camp from a different province. Four club scholars benefited from the event.

LET not GET COLD for the CHILDREN in ANTAKYA               

The Soroptimist Club of Antakya initiated a donation project to ensure the children going to school without being affected by cold in severe winter conditions in the Antakya region, where the great earthquake disaster occurred in February 2023, whose lives still cannot be restored to normal conditions. Göztepe Soroptimist Club members have supported this project with a considerable individual participation. Boots and coats were purchased by the donations for 44 children and sent after the needs of many schools in the vicinity were identified and distributed to Defne Güneysöğüt Bedii Sabuncu Primary and Secondary School students through Antakya Soroptimist Club on December 7, 2023.